Eek! Here’s a 25% discount from Whistles until 9 October!

4 Oct

Cheer up, you’re eligible for a discount.


Oops. I had written this post and put it on the blog, but somehow the blurb got lost along the way.

Though it’s 12.45am and I’m half cut I can’t leave the blog floundering like that, so here goes again….

Basically, I was in Amersham today having a fantastic meal (but of that another time). After lunch my mum and I popped into the always fabulous Whistles and the lovely girl who works there, who I know a little bit, told me that it’s 25% off in Whistles if you bring in a voucher from Grazia magazine until 9 October.

So we trotted off for a Gracia and then my mum bought a grey woollen zipped dress (mother, you are rocking that look!) with £30 off the usual price. A discount worth having, don’t you think?

I have to say, I absolutely loved the leather goods in there today, really gorgeous ankle boots, and lots of fab slouchy tops and jumper dresses to take you into Winter. So if you’re in the mood for fashion, check out your local Whistles – Oxford, Marlow, John Lewis Milton Keynes, House of Fraser High Wycombe (any I’ve missed out?) – and spend 25% more than usual!


2 Responses to “Eek! Here’s a 25% discount from Whistles until 9 October!”

  1. shoegal79 October 4, 2012 at 8:16 pm #

    OMG! I’m on it!

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