BEAUTY: Yon-Ka anti-wrinkle cream – but does it work?

10 Oct

French skincare brand Yon-Ka’s wrinkle-blasting anti-ageing day cream launched last week but I’ve been secretly trying it out for the last month to see if it’s worth recommending.

Frankly the stats make you want to headplant your pruney old face into the stuff – testing shows that daily and nightly application can reduce the appearance of wrinikles by up to 64% over 8 weeks. By that reckoning I’d be back in my twenties (oh God, please).

I’ve always thought expensive cosmetics and beauty products a total waste of money, a marketing wheeze, but now that I have my very own darling set of wrinkles, I find myself much more willing to try anything – ANYTHING GODDAMIT! – to try and reverse the damage.

The Yon-Ka anti-wrinkle moisturisers are paraben-free and 92% natural (not sure what the other 8% is mind you), harnessing dill and boswellia in a way that’s twangs your floppy skin cells back to attention. I’ve used it religiously for four weeks and have definitely seen an improvement – worth continuing with the product, put it that way. I’m pretty good at putting my moisturiser on day and night so it’s not just that my skin is more ‘oiled’.

I like the look of these Stimulastine products – a bit Dermologica/sciency (a good thing in my book) but looks quite sleek and expensive too. And I have to say it smells totally divine in a way pricy moisturisers always do.

Whether you want to spend £70 on a pot of moisturiser or can stomach a product on your shelf that stipulates specifically ‘Age Correction: Restructuring Wrinkle Remover – Deep Wrinkles’  (*SOB*)  is down to you. Just don’t hate me when you see me strutting down the street in six months looking like a university fresher! for beauty salons using Yon-Ka products. Available to buy online here



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