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And the winner of the Illuminated Canvas is…

14 Oct


I absolutely love these LED canvases from Illuminated Canvas, and since I am the only person certain of never winning a Muddy Stilettos prize (*sniff*) I have already put in my order for a the beautiful Christmas angel (see it here).

Ah, but you might not need to reach into your pockets for a canvas at all.

Did you win the competition? Well, if you’re name’s Rebecca Jones from Oxford you did!

Come and claim your prize lady! Congratulations.

The rest of you, sorry this time, but don’t despair. My new giveaway goes live along with my new blogazine (hopefully tomorrow, but it may roll over into Tuesday depending on design glitches). Trust me, you’ll LOVE my new competition, and I really hope you’ll fall head over heels for my new look blogazine too.

Watch this space…

Hero x


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