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FASHION: Designer labels, high street prices. Allelujah!

5 Oct

Vintage & Couture in Beaconsfield. Sorry for the glary photo but you get the idea

I saw a beautiful Joseph shearling coat yesterday. Turned the price tag. £1300!

That kind of money on a coat feels crazy in times like these. What seems much more sensible is designer vintage – all the quality, and none of the buttock-clenching as you hand over your wimpering credit card.

I’ve been out and about a fair bit recently and I keep stumbling across brilliant pre-loved designer boutiques, so this post is just to shout them out to you in case you’re in the mood for buying . Vintage & Couture in Beaconsfield Old Town has been open for less than a year but my goodness, it really does stock the tippety top gear, including almost as new shoes from the likes of Jimmy Choo, below.

The day I was here there were Hermes leather gloves, a McQueen skull scarf, and some gorgeous pieces of jewellery.

Vintage Couture interior

The Alexander McQueen scarf

Vintage & Couture has a really slick website where you can search by brand, so if you can’t make it to Beaconsfield, it’s a really good starting point. One way or the other check it out. I’ll eat my hat if you don’t find something worth buying in there.

I thought that was a good find, but on my way home I stopped off in Great Missenden and walked passed a pair of glorious Marc Jacobs shoes (below) in the window of Vintage Rose. So wanted to buy them. Why haven’t I got any money?! Arrrgggggghhhh!

Oh God, sorry about that.

This shop is tiny but had some fantastic designer bits – not all vintage, some contemporary too, and an eclectic feel. Great Missenden is definitely one of those places that seems to pack a punch with its creative independent boutiques. I’m going to go back for a more leisurely snoop in the next few weeks.

Then finally, in Amersham yesterday I dipped into Labels with my mum and came across a pair of screamingly cool black Prada knee high boots for £100. Size 5.5 and with your name on them if they haven’t already been snapped up. Labels caters for a broader mix (quite a few mother-of-the-bride hats) but there are definitely gems to be found.

Let me know if you make it to the boutiquess, and most importantly, what you buy!

Not in your neck of the woods? No problem. See my previous post on second-hand boutiques here.

Vintage & Couture, 11 Windsor End, Beaconsfield, HP9 2JJ. Tel: 01494 671150. www.vintageandcouture.com

Vintage Rose, 59a High St, Great Missenden, HP16 0AL. Tel: 01494 863088. www.vintage-roseboutique.com (the webpage doesn’t seem to work at the mo though- maybe a temporary glitch)

Labels of Amersham, 12 The Broadway, Old Town, Amersham HP7 0HP. Tel: 01494 728 333


Do you love jumping up and down in muddy puddles?

27 Jan

My wellies died last month. They spluttered their last rubbery breath as water seeped through the sole at Wendover Wood.  Sad at the time, but I know it’s the way they’d have wanted to go.

Now usually I’d pop down to the nearest garden centre and pick up another no-brand, no fuss pair. I’ve never seen the point in spending daft money on wellies (right or tight, you decide!). But times they are a-changin.  It’s my Muddy duty to be a finder-outer now, and I’ve just heard that posh booters Dubarry are about to open a national showroom with sales area in Chipping Norton (hurray!). Not only that, but some fab new season’s wellies have just arrived in the shops.

So here are my shouts 2011’s designer best, all available at Bucks/Oxon stockists or from the comfort of your armchair. Happy splashing!

Understated they are not, but these 2011 fluoro festival wellies from Hunter are good fun. They also come in neon green or pink if you're really fearless. £75


Combine your favourite hobbies of walking and sado-masochism with these studded rubber wellies from Burberry, £235. From netaporter.com

Heel! Joules gets my vote for stylish boots at reasonable prices. £35

Croc wedge wellies. Deranged, yet strangely desirable. £40. Available at http://www.wedgewelly.co.uk


These Dubarry waterproof boots are former season classics (in case you care) and at £295 are indecently expensive. Gorgeous.


Another Joules classic, this so-called 'Poshwelly' with bow detail also comes in black and olive. £59

Short wellies at a high price, but you can't fault them on style. Marc Jacobs rubber biker boots, £150, at netaporter.com


www.hunter-boot.com Stockists all over the place, including Office

www.wedgewelly.co.uk Dragon’s Den winner, only selling online at the mo

www.lauraashley.com Click through to the garden section

www.joules.co.uk Stores in Henley, Marlow, Amersham, Oxford

www.dubarry.com Stockists in Banbury, Amersham, and (soon) Chipping Norton, amongst others


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