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WIN! £275 Designer bag from Juicy Couture!

17 Sep

OMG. This bag is heaven on straps

See, I told you that my next comp would blow your cotton socks off!

Coco Marie my favourite fashion shop in Amersham, which also happens to have the most lovely staff on the entire planet, has kindly offered this handbag to a Muddy Stilettos reader.

Shall I tell you a bit about it? Well. It’s big. Perfect for magazines, baby wipes, dossiers, morning newspapers and whichever kitchen sink you need to take with you to work or play. It’s suede with leather base, tassle and straps. Juicy calls the colour grapefruit, but I think it’s acid yellow and so superfunky I do not want to give it to you!

HOW TO ENTER (I’m presuming you want it):

Do any or all of the below. Don’t forget, the more ways you enter, the more chances you have of winning.

1. Register to Muddy Stilettos by entering your email address into the ‘Register here’ tab (top right of the homepage). You’ll be entered into all Muddy Stilettos competitions, plus you will receive my electrifyingly useful posts straight to your in box. You can unsubscribe at any time.

2. Follow @CocoMarieUK @muddystiletto AND RETWEET BOTH NAMES with #This should be my handbag because … (and your reason here please!)

3. ‘Like’ Muddy Stilettos on Facebook by following the link here

Cassius wants to draw this prize, so that means the fourth one out of the hat is the winner 30 September. Sorry, but what can I do? The child likes to eat paper.


And the gold medal goes to…Muddy!

1 Aug

Helen Glover & Heather Stanning. Don’t worry Helen, your chance to win a Little Blog Award will come one day. 

Never mind all this Olympic gold rubbish, I have some real news.

I need to say a massively heartfelt thank you for voting for Muddy Stilettos not once but twice in the Dorset Cereal Little Blog Awards.  A real faff to have to do it again but this time, as you can see from the fetching little widget on the right, Muddy Stilettos has finally walked off with the medal!

What’s the significance? Um, well, excellent digestive tract health for my family, plus a natty knitted egg cosy to keep the family oeufs warm in the morn. But most importantly the pride at being able to describe my plucky little blog  ‘award-winning’. Hurrah!

Muddy Stilettoers, you rock. Thank you again.


This is an emergency! I repeat, an emergency!

12 Jun

Calling all Muddy Stilettos followers. I need your help.

I have just seen that I’ve been nominated for Dorset Cereals’ Little Blog Awards. Not sure how long ago that happened, but I know these comps only last a month. Which is not good, as I currently have, um, 3 votes.

Now look here you lot. There are thousands of you out there, reading my little blog as I type my fingers to the bone every night *sniff*, scouring the counties to help you improve your social life *whimper*.

If I win the Little Blog Award, I shall be rewarded with nothing more than a whole load of bleeding cereal (and I suppose a very healthy digestive tract – that’s a positive I suppose). But look, in my book an award is an award and I’d like to win it.

So PLEASE, can you take, ooh 10 seconds out of your lives, to go to this link http://www.dorsetcereals.co.uk/fun-stuff/little-blog-awards/2 and click ‘Vote’ next to Muddy Stilettos?


Eeek! I’ve been shortlisted!

5 Mar

Honestly – I did consider not boasting about this for about, ooh, a nanosecond. But I haven’t been shortlisted for anything since the Sixth Form English prize and frankly I’m not going to let this opportunity pass by . So here is my news…

I have been shortlisted for the BlogShop ‘Best Blog Content’ Award 2012!!

Yes, that does infer that the design is rubbish (hey, blame WordPress) but conversely it’s nice to know – not in a needy, pathetic way of course – that someone out there likes the muddy path down which my stilettos are travelling.

The winner is announced at the end of March. Fingers crossed x

Put your heels on, we’re going out!

11 Jan

2012. The year I turn into Wonder Woman.

Well, hello!

You may have noticed I’ve been hibernating. January does that to a girl. But there’s only so much herbal tea and TV reruns I can take, so my heels are back on, my Wonder Woman basque is in place (all the better for my morning jog), I’m looking for fun and I’m taking you with me!

 2012 starts with a big  ‘yay’ to Ros Vicarage, who is the proverbial rabbit out of the hat as the  winner of my fabulouso designer scarf competition. Ros, you jammy dodger! Send me your address and I’ll get it over to you. Thanks to the lovely CocoMarie boutique in Amersham for generously donating the prize. 

I have a New Year’s Resolution that I’m going to keep – Muddy Stilettos is going to be slicker, faster, perkier, and more unmissable than ever this year. Please tell your friends about it – the more people who follow me, the more prizes I’ll be able to give away and the better Muddy Stilettos will become. Let me know what you think of the blog – good and bad. Write comments, read other people’s, and let me help you to upgrade your downtime!

Unto the breach my friends. Don’t forget your red latex boots.

Hero x

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